Temat główny: Multikulti jazz

1. Sun Ra and his outer space Arkestra “Nuclear war”
2. The Vandermark 5 “That Was Now”
3. Fred Anderson „Flashback”
4. Art Ensemble of Chicago “As Clear as the Sun”
5. Dennis Gonzales Boston Project “Primate”
6. WBZ “Kreutzer Valse“
7. Vinny Golia Quartet “Transition of Power”


8. The Tangled Lines „Just call our Name”
9. Max Tundra “Lysine”
10. Keiji Heino & Peter Brotzmann „7“
11. Joe Lally “Pick a war”

Płyta z dolnej półki: "Wohaw” USAisamonster
12. Usaisamonster “Clay people”
13. Usaisamonster “Riff Scientists”
14. Usaisamonster “Poland”


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