Temat główny: ŁódĽ Podziemna #4 

1. Agnostic Front "Hardcore (the definition)"
2. Sunrise "Coma is over"
3. From Ashes Rise "Reaction"
4. Poison the Well "A wish for wings that work"
5. Blood is the Harvest "There and back" 
6. Throwdown "Unite"
7. Schizma "I declare the war"

8. Wywiad z Patrykiem, wokalist± grupy Sunrise

9. Wywiad z grup± Odszukać Listopad



8. Co "Commanding Officer" 
9. Oranżada "Kręci się"

10. Enon "Kanon"

11. The Warmers "Mad at the man"


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12. Him "Elementals"

13. Him "Perspectiver from a slow spin"

14. Him "Sweatshop"


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