1.Fela Kuti “Water no get enemy”
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2. John Coltrane “Offering”
3. Sun Ra “Heliocentric”
4. Albert Ayler “Good bait”
5. Miło¶ć “Luke the skywalker”
6. The Ex + Tom Cora “State of shock”
7. Dezerter “Urodziłem się 20 lat po wojnie”
8. Ramones “Too tough too die”
9. Minutemen “The Anchor”
10. Minutemen „The struggle”
11. Minutemen “Song for El Salvador”
12. Minutemen “Colors”
13. Janitor Joe „Early retirement”
14. Janitor Joe “Sunshine”
15. Ten Grand “Hands off the march”
16. Ten Grand “It Ain't a Party Unless You're Doing It With Someone Else in the Bathroom”
17. Coil “Blood from the air”
18. Muslimgauze “Algeciras”


19. Asmus Tietchens “Vocal time”
20. Woody Alien “Face it”
21. Paramount Styles “Come to New York”
22. Lightning Bolt “Longstockings”
23. Usaisamonster “Cocaine wedding”

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24. Saetia “Notres Langues Nous Trompent”
25. Saetia “The Sweetness and the Light”
26. Saetia “Woodwell”
27. Saetia “One dying wish”


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