Nie mogę się od tego uwolnić: 1. Minor Threat „In my eyes”
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Jim O'Rourke cz.2: Jim solo

2. Jim O’Rourke “All downhill from here”
3. Jim O’Rourke “Ghost ship in a storm”
4. Jim O’Rourke “There’s hell in hello but more in goodbye”
5. Jim O’Rourke “Venus in furs”
6. Jim O’Rourke “Untitled 1 (Old news vol.1)”
7. Jim O’Rourke „I’m happy”
8. Jim O’Rourke “Untitled 1 (Jim:computer:hotel)”
9. Jim O’Rourke “Some kind of”
10. Jim O’Rourke “Ascend through unspoken”


11. Łoskot „Max born funeral”
12. Hati “Music for metal idiophones #7”
13. Houdini “Get it right”
14. Exploding Star Orchestra „ Sting Ray and the Beginning of Time, Part 2”

Muzyka spoza nawiasu: Arab on Radar
15. Arab on Radar “7.2”
16. Arab on Radar “Fallopian boobs”
17. Arab on Radar “Rubber robot”
18. Arab on Radar “Biggest little prick in the UN”
19. Arab on Radar “Inventor”

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