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Chicago w Łodzi

2. Trio X “Old Eyes”
3. Trio X “Monk’s waltz”
4. Trio X „Short eyes“
5. Trio X “Sometimes I feel Like A Motherless Child”
6. Peter Brotzmann/Joe McPhee “Stone poem no. 1”
7. Shofar “92”
8. Pop Pop Pop “Live, Tampere”
9. Sao Paulo Underground “Balao de gas (live)”
10. Exploding Star Orchestra “Sting Ray and the Beginning of Time, Part 1 and 2”
11. Exploding Star Orchestra “Cosmic Tomes for Sleep Walking Lovers, Part 3”
12. Exploding Star Orchestra “Black sun”


13. The Complainer “It’s not crime”
14. Voice Electronic Duo
15. Supersilent “8.8”

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16. Moan “Taint”
17. Moan “Work report #356”


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