1. Przyzwoito¶ć „4 kawy”
Temat główny: Exploding Star Orchestra: Bill Dixon
2. Rob Mazurek „Cloth And Bells Cut 3:16-3:44,4 Seconds Of Silence. I Have Separated Nothing And Doubled My Heart”
3. Chicago Underground Duo “Memoirs of a Space Traveller”
4. Sao Paulo Underground „Sauna: Um, Dois, Tres”
5. Sao Paulo Underground „Live, Jazzga”
6. Chicago Underground Duo “In praise of shadows”
7. Chicago Underground Trio “Crisis”
8. Tigersmilk „Already crippled by water and wind”
9. Tigersmilk “Falling signals rising”
10. Bill Dixon with Exploding Star Orchestra “Entrances / one”


11. Neurosis “Hidden faces”
12. Tomasz Budzyński “Serce”
13. Bartek Kujawski “Bugle call”
14. Kings of Caramel “Turn the lights on”
15. Firewater “Hey clown”
16. Battles “Tij”


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