Temat główny: Rock Instytut

1. Fugazi "Slo Crostic"
2. Minor Threat "Screaming at a wall"
3. Fugazi "Shut the door"
4. Nation of Ulysses "Spectra son"
5. Q and not U "Y plus white girl"
6. Jawbox "Motorist"
7. Les Savy Fav "Meet me in the dollar bin"
8. Brainiac "Vincent Come on Down"
9. John Spencer Blues Explosion "Skunk"
10. Polvo "Sure shot"
11. Don Caballero "Our Caballero"
12. Killing Joke "Wardance"
13. Pere Ubu "Blow Daddy-O" 
14. Ramones "Do You Wanna Dance"
15. Frank Zappa & Captain Beefheart  "Debra Kadabra"
16. Velvet Underground "Sister Ray"
17. Sonic Youth "Free City Rhymes"
18. Blonde Redhead "Futurism vs. Passeism"
19. Chokebore "Line crash"
20. Shellac "Mouthpiece"
21. Tortoise "Seneca"
22. For Carnation "Tales (live from the crypt)"
23. Trans Am "I want it all"
24. Storm & Stress "Perpetuate the beauty"
25. Deerhoof "Green Cosmos"
26. Slint "Breadcrumb trail"
27. June of 44 "Sanctioned in a birdcage"
28. Nomeansno "Stocktaking"
29. Tatsuya Yoshida & Keiji Heino "Until water grasps flame - track5"
30. Bulbul "Mirror Mirror Salvadore"
31. The Ex "Listen to the painters"
32. Sunshine "Adventures with her stereo"
33. ¦cianka "Got my shoes & my tattoo 1"
34. Kristen "Unseen Revelation of Virgin Mary"
35. Band of Endless Noise "Riders on the bikes"
36. Ewa Braun "Kamyki"
37. Starzy Singers "Freudowska pomyłka"
38. The Car is on Fire "No one got hurt, fortunately"


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