Temat główny: Avant Blues - rodem z piekła.

1. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Talk about the blues" 
2. Captain Beefheart "Dachau Blues" 
3. Captain Beefheart "Nowadays a woman's gotta hit a man" 
4. CeDell Davis "Boogie chillen no.2" 
5. T-Model Ford "I'm insane" 
6. 20 Miles "Come right in from" 
7. Entrance "Train is leaving" 
8. Black Keys "When the lights go out" 
9. Heartless Bastards "New resolution" 
10. Grandpaboy "Dead man shake" 
11. R.L.Burnside "Please don't stay" 
12. R.L.Burnside "The Criminal Inside me" 
13. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "You been my baby" 
14. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "Bernie" 
15. The Neckbones "Good bye Ramona" 
16. The Neckbones "64 Days" 
17. Hugo Race & True Spirits "Solid State" 
18. Railroad Jerk "Gun problem" 
19. Thee Shams "Never Did Nothing" 
20. Bob Log III "Wag your tail like a dog in back of a truck" 


21. Thing "Mover" 
22. Kammerflimmer Kollektief "Nachtwache 15 september" 
23. Swans "Love will tear us apart (Jarboe version)"

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24. OOIOO "On mani" 
25. OOIOO "Moss trumpeter" 
26. OOIOO "Ene Soda" 


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