Temat główny: 2008 cz.2
1. Sao Paulo Underground “Entre um chao e outro” 
2. Rohrer/Mazurek/Takara/Barella „Nightmares Are Over-rated”
3. Rob Mazurek “The Legs”
4. Bill Dixon with Exploging Star Orchestra “Entrances two”
5. Mike Reed’s Loose Assembly “Soul stirrer”
6. Boredoms “Livvve!!”
7. Activities of Dust “Shades of appearance”
8. Mike Patton “A perfect place”
9. Man Man “Easy Eats or dirty doctor Galapagos”
10. Pit Er Pat “Evacution days” 
11. The New Year “The company I can get”
12. Bachi Da Pietra “Lina”
13. Singer „Tell the justices we’re fine” 
14. Contemporary Noise Sextet “Nautilius” 
15. Sing Sing Penelope “Third man on the moon”
16. John Zorn “Dance exotique”
17. John Zorn “Of wonder and certainty”
18. Tobacco “Pink goo”
19. Nomo “Last beat” 
20. Femi Kuti “One two”
21. Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 “Mosquito song”


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