Temat główny: Amphetamine Reptile Records cz.1

1. Thrown Ups “Traffic accident sex”
2. Halo of Flies „Insecticide Stomp”
3. Surgery „Action candy”
4. Today Is The Day “Dementia Satir”
5. God Bullies „Tell me”
6. God Bullies “Kick it to sleep”
7. Chokebore “Never”
8. Janitor Joe „Bullethead”
9. Janitor Joe “Boyfriend”
10. Hedonist „Deepest secret fear”
11. Gear jammer “If It Wasn't Me”
12. Casus belli “return to zero”
13. Helios Creed “Mountain mystery”
14. Tar “Black”
15. Tar “Hand”
16. Helmet “Born Annoying”
17. Helmet “In The Meantime”
18. Cows “The Emigrant song”
19. Cows “Sticky and sweet”
20. Hammerhead “Evil twin”
21. Hammerhead “Galaxy 66”


22. Plum „I’m happy anyway”
23. ¦cianka “Got my shoes and my tatoo”
24. Mordy “Siostry sisters bracia brothers”
25. Something Like Elvis “Speed”

Płyta z dolnej półki: "Mandarin Movie"
26. Mandarin Movie „The green giraffe”
27. Mandarin Movie „Peking Duck with Steam Dumpling”
28. Mandarin Movie „A Very Modern Camera (part one)”


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