Go¶ciem i współprowadz±cym audycję był Paweł Zawi¶lak, basista grupy Blood is The Harvest, fan (fanatyk) grupy Nomeansno.


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1. Nomeansno "No fkuicgn"
2. Nomeansno "Look, here come the wormies" 
3. Nomeansno "No sex" 
4. Nomeansno "Sex mad"
5. Nomeansno "Brother rat/what slayde says" 
6. Nomeansno "Tired of waiting"
7. Nomeansno "End of all things" 
8. Nomeansno + Jello Biafra "Bad" 
9. Nomeansno "Everyday I start to ooze" 
10. Nomeansno "Teresa give me that knife (live)" 
11. Nomeansno "New age" 
12. Nomeansno "Manic depression" 
13. Nomeansno "O bladi o blada" 
14. Hanson Brothers "Jack off" 
15. Hissanol "Angra" 
16. Show Business Giants "My hometown" 



17. Blood is the harvest "Let it die" 
18. Arszyn "04" 
19. Miło¶ć "Live, forum fabricum" 
20. Transglobal Underground "Temple head" 
21. Fantomas "4-2-05" 


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22. Victims Family "Monstrosity"
23. Victims Family "Dog" 
24. Victims Family "Ugly Thing" 


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