Temat główny: HorrorInstytut.

1. Rope "Confusing heritage"

2. Death in June "My black diaries"

3. Swans "Cop"

4. The Hafler Trio "The last extant recording from 'the guard bridge'"

5. Current 93 "Raio no trrasu (Jesus wept)"

6. Karpaty Magiczne "Opowie¶ć Ragany"

7. The For Carnation "Tales (Live from the crypt)"

8. Black Dice & Wolf Eyes "Chimes In Black Water - vol 1"

9. ¦cianka "Spychacz"

10. Coughs "Garter Snake"

11. The Flying Luttenbachers "Pointed Stick Variations"

12. US Maple "Hey King"

13. Slint "Good Morning Captain"


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