1.Lightning Bolt “Dracula mountain”
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2. Swans “Stay home”
3. Swans “Laugh”
4. Swans “Butcher”
5. Swans “Young god”
6. Swans “Anything for you”
7. Swans „Blood and honey”
8. Swans “Real love”
9. Swans “Love will tear us apart”
10. Swans “See no more”
11. Swans “Power and sacrifice”


12. Tv on th radio “Crying”
13. Mike Reed’s Loose Assembly “Garvey’s ghost”
14. Teenage Jesus & The Jerks “I wake up dreaming”
15. Dumbs “Kryptonim Hawana”
16. Deerhoof “Chandelier Searchlight”
17. Valina “Calendria”
18. Barbara Morgenstern “Camouflage” (with Robert Wyatt)
19. USAisamonster “Above all it’s the songs”

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20. Huntsville „Serious like a pope”
21. Huntsville „Melon”


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