Nie mogę się od tego uwolnić: 1. Plum "Seasick"
Temat główny: Progresywny metal (bez szatana).

2. Meshuggah “Terminal illusions”
3. Cult of Luna “Hollow”
4. Dillinger Escape Plan „When Good Dogs Do Bad”
5. Mastodon “March of the fire ants”
6. Today is the day “Mother’s run”
7. Antigama “Stupid fuck”
8. Antigama “Seed”
9. Tusk “Uptown nights”
10. Daughters “Hyperventilationsystem”
11. Agrophobic Nosebleed “Spreading the dis-ease”
12. Agrophobic Nosebleed “Famous last words”
13. Agrophobic Nosebleed “Osaka Milk bar”
14. Agrophobic Nosebleed “Shitaro Ishihara and the Rape of nanking”
15. Pelican “Drought”
16. Minsk “Bloodlettning and forgetting”
17. Jesu “Old year”
18. Sunn O))) “It took the night to believe”
19. Boris “Woman of screen”
20. Flying Luttenbachers “Infektion”
21. Mandarin Movie “A very modern camera (part one)”


22. Hati “Templum”
23. Deuce “What I hate most is hip-hop”
24. The Core “Live”
25. The Eternals “It is later than you think (part 1 & 2)”

Muzyka spoza nawiasu: The Sonics
26. Sonics “Good Golly Miss Molly”
27. Sonics “Cinderella”
28. Sonics “Jenny Jenny”
29. Sonics “Psychosonics”


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