1. Don Cherry & Ed Blackwell „Smiling faces, going places“
Temat główny: San Francisco
2. Oxbow „La Luna”
3. Oxbow „Time gentlemen time”
4. Oxbow “Down a stair backward”
5. Eugene Robinson “So You've Been Stabbed”
6. A Minor Forest “Look at That Car, It's Full of Balloons”
7. Deerhoof “The Forbidden fruits”
8. Deerhoof “That Big Orange Sun Run Over Speed Light”
9. Natural Dreamers “The Singer”
10. Natural Dreamers “Diamond Mines”
11. Erase Errata “Another Genius Idea From Our Government”
12. Erase Errata “C.Rex”
13. Burmese “Twenty missiles later”
14. Burmese “Nitestick”
15. Pink & Brown “Two Clicks Communicator”
16. Hospitals “Friends”
17. Matmos “Roses and teeth for Ludwig Wittgenstein”
18. Matmos “Plastic minor”
19. Tuxedomoon “Loneliness”
20. Tuxedomoon “Cagli 5-0”
21. The Residents “Jack the boneless boy”


22. ¦cianka „Chudy”
23. Brainiac “Nothing ever changes”
24. Tindersticks “E Type”

Muzyka spoza nawiasu: Antibalas
25. Antibalas “Beaten metal”
26. Antibalas “War hero”
27. Antibalas “Age”


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