Temat główny: Alternatywne Country

1. Country Teasers "O nurse!"
2. Johnny Cash "Cocaine blues"
3. Waco Brothers "Take me to the fires"
4. Meat Puppets "Lost"
5. Lucky Stars "All shapes & Sizes"
6. Country Teasers "Been too long"
7. Country Teasers "Satan is real again"
8. Split Lip Rayfield "Kiss of death"
9. Lambchop "Butcher boy"
10. Lambchop "What else could it be?"
11. Calexico "Corona"
12. Calexico "Stray"
13. Wilco "At least that's what you said"
14. Partia "Speedway"
15. Mitch & Mitch "I can't get no science fiction"


16. Columbus Duo "Side taste of Bulgarian tomatoes" 
17. Thing "our friends were all rooting for us" 
18. Columbus Duo "Diary"
19. Kammerflimmer Kollektief "Engel wacht"
20. Starzy Singers "W±s" 

21. Wywiad z Columbus Duo

W zakamarkach instytutu: Dog Faced Hermans
22. Dog Faced Hermans "Keep your laws off my body" 
23. Dog Faced Hermans "Lie and swell" 
24. Dog Faced Hermans "Fortune"


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