Intro: 1. Fugazi „Guilford fall”
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2. To Rococo Rot “Kritische mass einz”
3. Atari Teenage Riot “Destroy 2000 years of culture”
4. Squarepusher “Menelec”
5. Flanger “The men who fell from earth”
6. Coldcut “Give it up”
7. Dalek “Speak Volumes”
8. Dalek Stagnant waters”
9. Sun Ra „Other worlds”
10. Art Ensemble of Chicago “Nonaah”
11. Dinosaur Jr “Lightning Bulb”
12. Minutemen “Games”
13. Don Caballero “A Lot of People Tell Me I Have a Fake British Accent”
14. Ten Grand “This isn’t heaven this sucks”
15. Paul Wirkus feat. Mikołaj Trzaska “Voyage” (Olter)
16. Red Eyed Legends “Hamlicus (Indoor version)”
17. The Ex “Listen to the painters”


18. Scorn „Snag”
19. Hurtmold “Smootz da police”
20. Jacaszek “Orszula”

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21. Torngat “Bordeaux boredom”
22. Torngat „Gemini one“
23. Torngat „A super hero anthem“


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