1. Mikrokolektyw – live Parafestiwal
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2. Man Man “The Ballad of Butter Beans”
3. Man Man „Mister Jung Stuffed“
4. Man Man “Young Einstein on the beach”
5. Icy Demons „Miami Ice“
6. Icy Demons “Jump off”

7. Icy Demons “Icy Demons”
8. Bent Leg Fatima “Crow, cat & snake”
9. Need new body “Hot shot”
10. Need new body “Shark attack”
11. They shoot horses, don’t they “Hiccup”
12. They shoot horses, don’t they “The Hallway”
13. The Advantage „Contra - Alien's Lair & Boss Music”
14. The Advantage “Double Dragon 2, Stage 2”
15. Maps & Atlases “Every place is a house”
16. Maps & Atlases “Songs for ghosts to haunt to”
17. Japanther “Seventy nine”
18. Japanther “South of northport”
19. Deerhoof “Flower”


20. Meritum “Drumli”
21. Kot „Targam”
22. Old Time Relijun “Chemical factory”
23. The Drift “I had a list and I lost it”
24. Sam Shalabi “Jessica Simpson”

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25. The Psychic Paramount „Megatherion”
26. The Psychic Paramount „ A Pourous Mineral Drifting With A Rainmaker”
27. The Psychic Paramount „Echoh Air”


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