1. Girls Against Boys “Let me come back”
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2.Something Like Elvis “Dad” (Nomeansno)
3.Sonic Youth “Nic Fit” (The Untouchables)
4.Nomeansno “Beat on the Brat” (Ramones)
5.Make Up “Black Wire pt.1” (MC5)
6.Make Up “Black Wire pt.2 (MC5)
7.Dilute “Home is where you’re happy” (Willie Nelson)
8.Calexico “Corona” (Minutemen)
9.Free Kitten “Party with me punker” (Minutemen)
10.Big’N “TNT” (AC/DC)
11.Shellac “Jailbreak” (AC/DC)
12.US Maple “Lay lady lay” (Bob Dylan)
13.Qui “Willie the pimp” (Frank Zappa)
14.Jawbox “Cornflake Girl” (Tori Amos)
15.Jesus Lizard “Wheelchair Epidemic” (The Dicks)
16.The Thing “Ride the sky” (Lightning Bolt)
17.Him “Sandcastles” (The Dylan Group)
18.Tortoise & Bonnie Prince Billy “Thunder road” (Bruce Springsteen)
19.Sea and Cake “Sound and Vision” (David Bowie)
20.Country Teasers “No limits” (2Unlimited)

21.Chicago Underground Trio “Zagreb”
22.Lucas Niggli Zoom Ensemble “Dance for Hermeto”
23.31knots “The Breaks”
24.Hati vs Lal “Spoondrop”

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25.Young Widows „Mirrorfucker”
26.Young Widows „The First half”
27.Young Widows „Mr. No Harm”
28.Young Widows „21st Century Invention”

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