Temat główny: Muzyczne miasto Chicago cz.1 

1. Tortoise "Glass museum" 
2. The Sea & Cake "Afternoon speaker" 
3. The For Carnation "Get and stay get march" 
4. Rapeman "Marmoset" 
5. The Jesus Lizard "Killer McHann" 
6. Chicago Underground Duo "Lifelines" 
7. Isotope 217 "New Beyond" 
8. Jim O'rourke "And I'm singing" 
9. Pullman "Sagamore bridge" 
10. Brokeback "Name's Winston, Friends Call Me James" 
11. Chicago Underground Orchestra "Blow Up" 



12. Isis "So did we"  
13. Band of Endless Noise "Artificial silence"

14. Ludzie "Sopot Surround (live)"
15. The Evens "If it's water" 
16. Yo La Tengo "Little eyes" 
17. Shipping News "Axons and dentrites" 
18. Sunshine "Victim is another name for lover" 

W zakamarkach instytutu: Transylwania

19. Transylwania "Il est venu chez moi" 
20. Transylwania "Un refus poli" 
21. Transylwania "Diner?" 
22. Transylwania "Yves saint laurent" 


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