1.The Evens “Everybody knows”
Temat główny: Euroscreamo
2. Mesa Verde “When the canary dies run like fuck”
3. Crocus “When your own heart asks”
4. Amanda Woodward “La decadence de la decadence”
5. Sons of Saturn “One time for all”
6. Daitro “Laissez vivre les squelettes”
7. Ekkaia “Mercaderes de la muerte”
8. Shikari “Robot wars”
9. The Black Heart Rebellion „Leaving the capitals”
10. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? “4 shots”
11. Dimitrij “Trading lives without nightmares”
12. La Quiete “Metempsicosi Del Fine Ultimo: Nevrastenica Oscillazione”
13. Raein “The king is dead”
14. Suis La Lune “Utter silence is fragile”
15. The Birds Are Spies, They Report To The Trees “Get away with blasphemy”
16. Tristan Tzara “Seaside suicide”
17. Yage “We lost beauty”
18. Lakme “Bestie”
19. Juliette “Broken promises”

20. Deerhoof “Snoopy waves”
21. Kristen “City stars”

22. Izrael „Interesy”
23. Red Eyed Legends “Monsters”
24. Max Tundra “Glycaemic Index Blues”

Muzyka spoza nawiasu: Tiny Hawks
25. Tiny Hawks “Maps, one”
26. Tiny Hawks “Give it rest”
27. Tiny Hawks “Where we live”
28. Tiny Hawks “Smaller cemetaries”
29. Tiny Hawks „Signal meets a signal”
30. Tiny Hawks “The Things You Belong To And Those That Belong To You”


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