1. Spejs “Stacja swetra”
Temat główny: Nowo¶ci płytowe grudzień 2007-luty 2008
2. Horny Trees „7”
3. Medeski Martin & Wood „Cat creeps”
4. Vandermark 5 „Desireless (for Daido Moriyama)”
5. Bill Dixon With Exploding Star Orchestra “Constellations For Innerlight Projections (For Bill Dixon)”
6. Bonnie Prince Billy „Little small song”
7. Joe Lally “Skin and bone”
8. Voice Electronic Duo “Akina”
9. Kapital Band 1 “Playing by numbers”
10. Earth „Omens And Portents I: The Driver”
11. Boris with Merzbow “Ibitsu”
12. Siekiera „Sier¶ciotłuki”
13. Siekiera „Atak już nadchodzi (atak)”


14. Sing Sing Penelope “No title”
15. Shellac “My black ass”

Muzyka spoza nawiasu: Old Time Relijun
16. Old Time Relijun “The Door I Came Through Had Been Closed (But I Keep Trying)”
17. Old Time Relijun “Mystery language”
18. Old Time Relijun “In the Crown Of Lost Light”


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