Temat główny: Dance Punk

1. The Make Up "Born on the floor" 
2. Gang of Four "Not great man" 
3. !!! "Dear Can"
4. The Rapture "House of jealous lovers" 
5. LCD Soundsystem "Tribulations" 
6. Enon "Knock that door" 

7. Weird War "Iluminated by the light" 
8. Q and not U "Book of Flags" 
9. Radio 4 "Start a fire" 
10. Hot Hot Heat "Touch you" 
11. Ludzie "Ficki Ficki Klang" 
12. Q and not U "Wonderful People"



13. Searching For a Calm "It's coming" 
14. The Young Gods "Erergreen"
15. Job Karma "Empire's Collapse" 
16. Emiter "August"

17. Wywiad z grup± Searching For a Calm (przeprowadzony wspólnie z Bartkiem Młynarczykiem) 


W zakamarkach instytutu: Black Eyes

18. Black Eyes "Someone has his fingers broken"
19. Black Eyes "False positive" 
20. Black Eyes "Drums" 


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