1. Sleepytime Trio “Butter scaryflies”
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2. Valina “Dogged”
3. Aids Wolf “Down, holy ground”
4. Young Widows “Delay your pressure”
5. Deerhoof “My purple past”
6. TV on the Radio “Love dog”
7. The New Year “The company I can get”
8. Windy & Carl “Interlude”
9. Rob Mazurek “Dust to dust”
10. Sea and Cake “Car Alarm”
11. Gang Gang Dance “Bebey”
12. Gang Gang Dance „First communion“
13. Tobacco “Street trash”
14. Tobacco “Dirt (featuring Aesop Rock)”
15. Columbus Duo “Vitre”
16. Contemporary Noise Quartet “Main theme”
17. Ziemia Planeta Ludzi “Wujek Sam”
18. Woody Alien “Bubble”


19. Beehatch “First song”
20. Komety “Let’s meet at the end of august”
21. Mike Reed’s Loose Assembly “Ground swell”
22. Paramoung Styles “All eyes are on you now my pet”
23. Lightning Bolt “Captain Caveman”

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24. Pontiak “White hands”
25. Pontiak “Sun on sun”


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