Intro: 1. Lee Scratch Perry „Dub organizer”
Temat główny: Nikt Nic Nie Wie cz.1 

2. Oi Polloi „Scum“
3. Crass „Punk is dead“
4. Subhumans “Mickey Mouse is dead”
5. Subhumans “Who’s gonna fight in the third world war?”
6. Los Crudos “Crudo soy”
7. Los Crudos “Eliminacion”
8. Masskontroll “Mortis invictus”
9. His Hero is Gone “Professional mindfuck”
10. His Hero is Gone “Internally bleeding”
11. His Hero is Gone “Concrete cage”
12. His Hero is Gone “Richter”
13. Active Minds “Looking beyond the end of our noses”
14. Active Minds “Capitalism in action”
15. Trottel “A szem es a nem”
16. Uz Jsme Doma “Rybi tuk”
17. Uz Jsme Doma „Tvar”
18. Dog Faced Hermans “Fortune”
19. Dog Faced Hermans “Boby strategic”
20. Ewa Braun “Czarny ptak”
21. Krzycz „Zmęczone my¶li zmęczone słowa”
22. Thing „Whipping”
23. Thing „Ninja the dwarf”


24. Dalek „Corrupt (knuckle up)”
25. Rings „All right peace”
26. Oxbow „Baby doll”

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27. The Original Silence “If Light Has No Age, Time Has No Shadow””


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