Nie mogę się od tego uwolnić: 1. Bjork "Cocoon"
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Jim O'Rourke cz.1

2. Loose fur “Hey chicken”
3. Sonic Youth „Disconnection notice“
4. The Red Krayola „Cafe boudoir”
5. The Red Krayola “Jimmy two bad”
6. Gastr del Sol “Every five miles”
7. The Supreme Indifference “A lick in time”
8. Yona-Kit “Dancing sumo wrestlers”
9. Mimir “Entrance”
10. Brise-Glace “Restrained From Do and Will Not (Leave)”
11. Illusion of Safety „Instinct”
12. Organum “Sphyx”


13. Uz Jsme Doma „Telefon (live)“
14. Houdini “Country ditch”
15. Exploding Star Orchestra „Cosmic Tomes for Sleep Walking Lovers, Part 1”
16. Deerhoof „The perfect me”
17. Rob Crow „Over your heart”

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18. Zs “Zs”
19. Zs “Olympics”
20. Zs “Bump”


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