Nie mogę się od tego uwolnić: 1. Dalek “(Subversive script)”
Temat główny: 15 lat Thrill Jockey'a cz.1

2. Chicago Underground Duo “Two Concepts for the Storage of Light”
3. Isotope 217 “Kryptonite Smokes the Red Line”
4. Isotope 217 “Input”
5. Tortoise “Seneca”
6. Tortoise “Glass museum”
7. Brokeback “From the black current”
8. The Sea and Cake “Coconut”
9. The Sea and Cake “Four corners”
10. Sam Prekop “Between outside”
11. Trans Am „I want it all“
12. Trans Am “Tesco v Sainsbury’s”
13. A minor forest “Jacking Off George Lucas”
14. Mouse on Mars “Dispothek”


15. Trio X “Lonely women”
16. Merzbow „Farsa del buen vivir”
17. Sightings “Internal Compass”
18. Enon „Those who don’t blink”
19. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “Down Low”

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20. Ricaine “Even in death”
21. Ricaine “Grades 1-6”
22. Ricaine “… of the twilight”
23. Ricaine “Broadmeadows line”


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