1. US Maple “Whoa complains”
Temat główny: Swans cz.2
2. Swans “Failure”
3. Swans “Love of life”
4. Swans “Her”
5. Swans “Black eyed dog”
6. Swans “In”
7. Swans “The Great Annihilator”
8. Swans „Ich Sehe Die Alle In Einer Reihe“ (KOŃCZY SIĘ NAGLE!)
9. Swans “The Beautiful Days”
10. Swans „Yum Yab“
11. Swans “I am the sun”
12. Jarboe “Mahakali, of terrifying countenance”
13. Angels of Light “Destroyer”

14. Peter Brotzmann / Fred Longberg-Holm “Section 3”
15. Woody Alien “Wash your hands before”
16. Activities of Dust “Possibly waves”

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17. Marnie Stern “Precious metal”
18. Marnie Stern “The weight of a Rock”
19. Marnie Stern “Vault”
20. Marnie Stern “Transformer”


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