Temat główny: Podsumowanie 2007 roku.

1. Daniel Higgs “Universal salutation (Excerpt. Recorded Aboard The Starship Weep-For-Lucifer)”
2. Brasil And The Gallowbrothers Band „Interview” 
3. Hurtmold „Sapers”
4. Kammerflimmer Kollektiev „Live at the cactus tree motel“
5. Tarentel “Everybody fucks with somebody”
6. The Fridge “Eyelids”
7. Throbbing Gristle “The worm waits its turn”
8. Scorn “Rove”
9. Dalek “Paragraphs Relentless”
10. Łona i Weber „Miej w±tpliwo¶ć”
11. The Eternals “Beware the swordboat”
12. Pink Freud “Velvet”
13. Tigersmilk “Poured Over Waves Ecstatic Charge”
14. Exploding Star Orchestra “Sting Ray and the Beginning of Time, Part 2”
15. Chicago Underground Trio “Crisis”
16. Peter Brotzmann „Music for Han Bennink”
17. Shofar “15”
18. Mikołaj Trzaska “Istrianna”
19. Mikołaj Trzaska „Tango on the border”
20. Dawid Szczęsny “1.1”


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